How we work

We will assess your remnant assets and make an offer. If necessary, we’ll work with your bankruptcy attorneys to obtain court approval for the sale. 

Despite your best efforts, at the close of the case, invariably not all assets have been identified. Some are just too remote or too small to warrant the cost of investigation and collection. We convert these illiquid and difficult-to-monetize assets to cash immediately, thereby maximizing estate value.  You can avoid having your unclaimed and unidentified assets wind up in a landfill when you dispose of your debtor’s records.

Bob Poulson at the Indie 500
Bob Poulson at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

These residual asset sales have been approved by bankruptcy courts, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, and various creditor committees. We provide a mechanism for you to immediately convert to cash the residual assets which are contingent, unknown, remote, or too small to pursue. These transactions are often the last asset sale, and we will buy them without representations or warranties from the debtor or trustee–except that they have the authority to make the sale, and they will not interfere with or otherwise impair our effort to collect assets. Creditors favor our arrangements because they finalize and close estates without the expense of a protracted wind-down.

For over four decades, Finalize Bankruptcy Inc.’s management has expedited finalization of the process and helped close many bankruptcies. We can help you clean up what is left quickly with cash for your estate now.